Hi, everyone. I am Modestas Gi. 
This website is my personal travel blog. 

Read. Save some bucks. Go EXPLORE. Repeat.

Nice to see you on my blog. Decided to start one after 1 year travelling in Asia. Finished my travel, trying to settle (not so easy). Memories and thinking where i would go simply dont let me sleep! That's why I am owling and writing my memories here.
I will try uncover my traveling tips in general and countries where i have and my fellow friends travelers been. Covering SOUTH EAST ASIA, Asia, some budget Europe traveling and crosscountry Morocco.

Travelling tips and personal recommendations:*Safety tips for solo travelers *where to stay*where to visit*what to see*where to eat and more.

* Indonesia: 1 month in North Sumatra. Jungle trekking and volcanoes hiking.
* Malaysia: Exploring Malaysia and living in Kuala Lumpur.
* Thailand (North and South): South Thailand beaches. North Thailand Buddhist temples. Silence meditation course in monastery.
* Combodia: Angkor Wat- Eight wonder of the World. Siem Reap vibe. Koh Rong Island freedom. Snookyville - SinCity (Sihanouk-ville), Kampot pepper town. 
* Korea: A week in Seoul. 
* Philippines: 1 month in Philippines. Filipino the happiest people in the world. Amazing beaches. Incredible marine life.
* Laos. 1 month backpacking Laos. Vientiane capital, colonial spirit in Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng tubing.
* Vietnam: 2 months in Vietnam. 1 month cross-country with own motorbike. Mean North Vietnam and super friendly and welcome South Vietnam.
* Japan: Flashing Tokyo. Great food and shopping in Osaka. Okinawa island life and beaches.
* Taiwan: One week exploring the capital.
* Marocco: 7 days cross-country. Shopping shopping shopping.
* Europe: France Nice and Paris. Italy Portofino, Genoa, Venice. Spain:Canary Islands, Barcelona.