Sunday, March 6, 2016

Skyscanner flights tips and tricks

Skyscanner and other comparison sites flight booking tips and tricks everyone must know.

Last year I have spent 13 months backpacking South East Asia and have made over 27 flights. That's what I have learned hard way:

Most flight comparison sites and major direct flight airlines booking sites use SPY-COOKIES (tracking cookies). 

Sounds yummy and mysterious right. Not going into IT sector I will try to explain simple from my own experience.
I was looking for flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur on March 2015.
I checked the flight on Monday the price was on Airasia was 42$ on AirAsia. Then on Wednesday morning it was the same price. On Thursday I decided to book it but the price was 48$! I was busy to book it then so I came back on AirAsia website on Friday evening and the price was 56$ + it was indicating that only 5 seats left. I was like 'Oh gosh i need to get on that flight!' I booked it after 20min with final price 58$.

After that I was thinking hows that possible that the price would jump in few days by 25%.

After booking I checked the same flight from my phone this time and the price was actually 45$! 

What happened. Most booking sites use SPY-COOKIES which register your device IP name on specific flight if you were checking it several times. In that case quite a big possibility they PERSONALLY increase price for you. Its totally legal. It's not a non-profit organisation, it's how businesses work these days.

How to avoid it:

Double check the specific flight on another device (with different IP name). For example you ready to book flight on your laptop. Check the price on your phone (just do not login on your account!).

  • Ask your family member or friend to double check the price for you.
  • Use Incognito Mode on Chrome browser to check the fare. 

Hope it helps.
Safe travels!

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