Saturday, March 12, 2016

Real Life Lessons I've learned from Travel

Travel to learn yourself
One year traveling solo: you will learn much MORE about yourself than in first 29 years of my life. Meditation course will kick it even further.
  • You will fall in love easily. You will break few hearts and somebody will break yours. Fair game.
  • Sometimes being alone is OK. 
  • Real Asia and West difference will CHANGE you.
  • New +200 Facebook friends means you have made +5 really good friends for LIFE.
  • Being WHITE it's not only 50 shades of color.
  • Anytime seeing airplane in the sky will secretly make you wish to be on that flight.
  • And the last cheesy one. The world is way smaller and all 7.3 billion people are connected at some level. 

Now it's 14 months when I am on the road. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur. Original plan was 6 months traveling and then I'm back in reality. Still kicking. Real life lessons I've learned from traveling. I wish somebody would have told me all THIS before.

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